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The Dating Den eNetwork

Where paths may cross..

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This Journal is for those looking for love, relationships or something more. To speak blatently about online dating - success stories and horror stories (unfortunately, there are some!). Articles will posted, links to pertinent information will be posted. Feel free to share and abuse.. :D - Open to all relationships, wants and needs, regardless of preference(sexual and not).

We are currently accepting new members.


The Dating Den (thedatingden.com) was founded in order to offer dating services where in the 'rigors' and 'many facets, aches and pains' of dating can be avoided (so to speak!). Relax, be yourself and simply check out all the profiles we have listed on our site. You never know, you may meet your soulmate..

The internet opens up so much in terms of meeting people we may never meet - The Dating Den eNetwork attempts to try just that..